Alan Thickes Wife Say She’s Not A Gold-Digger

Who out here calling this man widow a gold digger?

Alan Thicke’s widow, Tanya Callau, is sticking by her claims that she is NOT an opportunist out to get Alan’s money.

Not only is she claiming they were deeply in love, but the 41-year-old is also saying she and 69-year-old Alan were planning to have a baby.

via TMZ:

Tanya Callau tells TMZ she and Alan were finally ready to take the next step in their 11-year marriage … by getting pregnant in 2017. She says they’d frozen her eggs 3 years ago, and planned to put them to use once Alan’s youngest, 19-year-old Carter, moved out.

She says they already had an architect visit their Santa Barbara ranch in early December to draw up plans for a nursery. Alan died suddenly of a massive heart attack on December 13.

Tanya’s now facing a possible lawsuit from Brennan and Robin Thicke — who claim their stepmother is greedy and overreaching for more of their dad’s estate than what’s laid out in his will. She’s calling BS on that, and adds … she never threatened to go to tabloids as the boys allege.

Overtime somebody with money die people start up with the bullish…..

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