Darius McCrary Accused of Attacking Wife And 16 Month Old Daughter

This dude is dead ass crazy…

Tammy Brawner, wife of Family Matters alum Darius McCrary, has retained a restraining order against the star.

According to Tammy, the 40-year-old went berserk earlier this month (Feb. 10), hitting her in the head with his forearm and tossing objects around their home.

Tammy says this incident is not the first time Darius has laid hands on her. In fact, Tammy levels an even more disturbing accusation against Darius and claims that he held their 16-month-old daughter Zoey over a pot of boiling water.

Per TMZ:

In docs obtained by TMZ, she also accuses him of frequent spankings and strapping down Zoey’s arms during meals.

Tammy, a former Harlem Globetrotter, says the actor regularly drinks, does drugs and comes home wasted and violent.

A judge has ordered Darius to move out of their home, and he must stay 100 yards away from Tammy and Zoey. He’s also barred from visitation until after a court hearing next month. 

Darius has already responded to the serious accusations. He shared a photo of himself kissing his daughter on Instagram. See his post below.

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