Obama Calls And Congratulates Beyoncè And Jay Z

While tons of celebs took to social media to congratulate Beyonce & Jay Z on their pregnancy news, we’re sure no one’s well wishes were as exciting to receive as former POTUS Barack Obama’s! HollywoodLife.com has EXCLUSIVELY learned that Obama personally called Jay after seeing the announcement — and you’ll never believe how Jay reacted!

Bros for life! Former president Barack Obama, 55, is apparently just as excited about Beyonce, 35, and Jay Z‘s, 47, twins as the rest of us! After all, the 44th prez called Jay Z up as soon as he heard the pregnancy news, and apparently their conversation majorly inspired the rapper! And we don’t blame him. We can only imagine how epic that convo must have been.

“HOVA got a special call from President Obama congratulating him on the twins. Man, that right there made Jay’s day,” an insider revealed to HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “It’s not every day the [former] President calls to congratulate you — and during Black History month!” But while the artist was excited Obama called, it also made him really miss having him in office.

“Jay was so thankful for the call and told Bey that while he can’t wait for the twins to get here, he really wishes they would have been born during Obama’s Presidency,” our source continued. “Jay was so lucky to see a black president in his lifetime and he’s equally lucky that Blue [Ivy, 5] had the opportunity to witness history as well.” There’s still hope for the twins though, and apparently Jay thinks so too. “He certainly hopes that in some point in his twins’ life they will have the opportunity to see a black president in office and doing great things.”

Obama and the Carters have a pretty special bond as both Beyonce and Jay Z performed for Obama many times during his presidency. And on Michelle Obama‘s, 53, birthday last month, Beyonce sent her an extra special b-day wish. “Happy Birthday to a beautiful soul,” Bey wrote on her website on Jan. 17. “Happy Birthday to a leader. Happy Birthday to a force. Happy Birthday to a ray of light. Happy Birthday to an inspiration. Happy birthday to our first lady, Michelle Obama. Respect, Always & Forever, Beyonce.” SO sweet, right?

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