Kylie Jenner’s Personal Assistant Victoria Reveals What It’s Like To Work For Kylie

Being a personal assistant isn’t exactly a nine to five job, and Kylie Jenner’s right-hand woman has admitted that the reality star sometimes phones her at 2am. 

Victoria Villarroel Gamero, who has been working for Kylie for a year and a half, recently revealed what it is really like to be the younger woman’s assistant.

Speaking in a video on the 19-year-old star’s paid website and app, Victoria, 24, said she’s always available to her boss, whom she now also considers a friend.

Victoria first started working for Kris Jenner as an intern in 2012, and eventually took on a paid position as an office manager in 2015.

Soon, though, Kris had to do without her, since her daughter Kylie poached Victoria to be her own personal assistant.

‘I would see Kylie [at Jenner Communications] all the time, ’cause it was her mom’s office,’ the Venezuelan beauty said. ‘I saved my number in her phone as “Victoria the Princess” — like, I was very confident back then, and then like fast forward to now, a year ago I came back, and I was looking for a job, and she took me.

‘And she still had me saved as Victoria the Princess!’

Despite the clear confidence that fueled her to save such a nickname is a celebrity’s phone, Victoria was still pretty nervous on her first day.

‘I walked into her house and it’s just weird, ’cause like, your first day is always scary, but, like, when you’re, like, someone’s personal assistant, it’s, like, they have to, like, like you,’ she explained.

‘So I walked in, and I remember she had just woken up and I saw her coming down the stairs, and someone’s like, “Hey, Kylie, this is Victoria, your new assistant,” and I was like, “Hey,’ and she looked and me and she, like, told me something, and I couldn’t understand.

‘I was like, “Wait, what do you mean?” And I couldn’t understand, and she said it, like, three times, and I was like, “sh**, I don’t know what you’re saying.” I got really frustrated. So a great first impression.’

Things have clearly improved since. Though Victoria started out as a sort of house manager, making sure Kylie always had groceries and her cars were taken care of ready when she needed them, she now focuses more on the star’s personal needs — which means she is always on call.

To be a personal assistant, you have to be 24/7. I don’t know how you could just be nine to six,’ she admitted.

‘I’m always open. She’ll call me at 2am, I’ll answer. I don’t really have set hours. It’s pretty much whenever duty calls,’ she added.

These days, though, Victoria is just as much Kylie’s friend as her assistant. They party together, hang out together, and talk about personal things. In fact, Victoria said she knew they were friends when they’d started calling each other to talk about stuff that was’t work-related.

‘One time, we were in her room and we were talking, and she told me — and I remember, I think this is, like, word by word — she said, “Close the door, I want to tell you my deepest secrets,”‘ she recalled. ‘And I was like, “OK,” and I closed the door and we just talked forever. I think that’s where we bonded.’

They also had much to bond over recently when Kylie helped Victoria’s now-fiance, former professional soccer player Marco Lobo, propose to her in Malibu.

He popped the question on a platform decorated with a heart-shaped arrangement of candles, with cheering loved ones looking on.

Though it’s uncertain what role Kylie played in the proposal, it’s likely she was meant to distract Victoria and bring her to the scene on the day.

In a video Kylie shared on social media, she gleefully says: ‘Vic’s engaged! I tricked her!’

Victoria posted a photo of herself with Kylie, locked in a tight embrace, following the proposal as she gushed about her boss in the caption.

‘@kyliejenner words can’t even describe how thankful I am to have you in my LIFE! I am OBSESSED WITH YOU,’ she wrote.

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