Kim Kardashian Didn’t Realize Kanye Was Breaking Down Right In Front Of Her

Kim Kardashian reportedly didn’t realize Kanye West was having a mental breakdown.

via NY Daily News:

“The divorce rumors came before his breakdown,” a source close to the couple told People. “She didn’t know what was up with him and they weren’t spending time together. She didn’t realize it was a mental breakdown.”

Following his recent hospitalization, rumors began to circulate that the pair were headed for a divorce, thanks in part to the challenging year they’ve experienced.

Back in October, the social media mogul was bound, gagged and robbed at gunpoint in her Paris hotel room and less than two months later, her husband was hospitalized for exhaustion at the UCLA medical center.

In the weeks leading up to his hospital stay, the “Famous” rapper was booed during a San Jose concert after announcing he would have voted for Donald Trump had he voted at all. Two days later during his Sacramento show, he went on a rant about Jay-Z and Beyoncé before eventually leaving just 30 minutes after taking the stage.

West checked himself out of the hospital at the end of November and sources rooted his breakdown in his wife’s harrowing Paris Fashion Week experience as well as the anniversary of his mother’s death.

Following his release, the couple were living separately, prompting rumors that the power duo were headed toward a split.

“Truly no truth behind the divorce rumors,” the insider said. “It’s not something she’d divorce him over. He had a breakdown. But it doesn’t pertain to them not getting along.”

I’m just a little confused on how the person who spends the most time with him didn’t see him mentally breaking down right in front if her.. This family is

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