Angela Simmons Speaks On Her Losing Her V-Card



For years, the Christian star of “Growing Up Hip-Hop” and daughter of Rev. Run said she wouldn’t be having sex until marriage. Earlier this week, however, the 29-year-old addressed her decision to have premarital sex on the daytime talk show “The Real.”

“I had a plan. The plan didn’t work out,” said Simmons who gave birth to her first child in September. “And you can’t always plan everything. You know, I met the love of my life and we got engaged. And I waited until 28.”


Fans first heard about Simmons’ vow of abstinence seven years ago while she was filming her 2009 MTV reality television series “Daddy’s Girls” with her sister, Vanessa Simmons. In a previous interview with Honey magazine, Angela spoke about her public claim of celibacy.

“It’s not for everybody. Everybody doesn’t have to wait, but this is what I have to do in order to get a relationship where it’s all good,” she told Honey magazine, according to the Hello Beautiful blog. “I just think that when the sex factor is taken out of the relationship, you really get to know a person.”

In January, Simmons also spoke to nationally syndicated radio show “The Breakfast Club” about her decision not to have sex before marriage. When radio personality Charlamagne suggested that one man could possibly try to “trap” her by getting her pregnant and capitalizing on her fame, Simmons insisted that would not happen to her.

“No, I’m not having sex until I am getting married,” she previously told “The Breakfast Club.” “So, they are not going to get me pregnant. I’m pretty smart and no one’s trapping me.”

In the past, Simmons has said being vocal about her Christian beliefs and values has left her susceptible to judgement because of her fame.

“And there’s so much controversy surrounding religion, so I just eat it,” she told Rolling Out in 2013. “At this point, it is what it is, but I know who I am … and God knows my heart, so I don’t take it any further.”


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