Mary J Blige Opens Up About Her Divorce (Full Video)

Mary J. Blige appeared on Wednesday’s episode of  ‘Good Morning America’ and opened up to Robin Roberts and viewers about her pending divorce from husband Kendu Isaacs.

“My heart is OK. I’m hanging in there,”  said Mary. “No one wants to go through this. This is hard. I’m hanging in there.”

As for what exactly happened in their marriage, she didn’t shy away from letting us know she simply wasn’t being respected.

“The breaking point was when I kept asking over and over and over again for respect and to be respected and it just seems like I was beating a dead horse and it seems like I was talking to a wall,” said Mary. “I just wasn’t getting it back. If I can’t get respect in the relationship, then I have to move on to save myself. That was the point where I’m like, I’m done. I just can’t do it any more.”








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