And This Is Why We Don’t Fuck With Kanye


We knew Kanye was out of his mind, but that man has officially lost it.

During the San Jose, Calif. stop on his “Saint Pablo World Tour,” Kanye told the audience that he did not vote, but if he did he would’ve voted for Donald Trump.

“If I would’ve voted, I would have voted for Trump,” he explained. “I wanted to say that before the election, but they told me to not say that out loud…That don’t mean that I don’t think that Black Lives Matter, that don’t mean I don’t believe in women’s rights, that don’t mean that I don’t believe in gay marriage.”

He continued:

“I don’t think his approach was just entertaining, because that trivializes it,” he added. “I actually think that his approach was absolutely genius. Because it fucking worked.”

Kanye also ranted about politics and not letting racism be a distraction.

“This world is racist, okay? Let’s stop being distracted to focus on that as much. It’s just a f*****g fact. We are in a racist country, period. Do not allow people to make us talk about that so f*****g long.”

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