Phaedra Parks Confirms Her Divorce From Apollo Nida

It looks like Cynthia is not the only divorce housewife on the show.
Phaedra confirms she is divorcing Apollo.
I truly feel for Phaedra’s two sons. I’m sure Phaedra will do a wonderful job raising them. Sigh. This new season of ‘RHOA’ might be good after all.
Phaedra reveals this information with ABC News.
Phaedra Parks said fans of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” will see “my divorce become final” when the series returns.
The attorney divorced Apollo Nida, who is currently serving an eight-year prison stint for bank fraud and identity theft. The two wed in 2009, having two sons — Ayden, 6, and Dylan, 3 — together before their split.
“I’m glad that I’m able to enter a new chapter in my life,” Parks told ABC News, “but at the same time as a woman and as a probably anal person who’s very ambitious, you don’t want to be the most successful business person and be a failure at personal relationships.”
Still, the mother of two said she’s moved on from Nida.
“I’ll always love him because he’s the father of my children so I can never be regretful of that because out of our union came these beautiful awesome kids,” she said. “But as far as being in love with him romantically, I’m definitely not at that place in my life anymore.”

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