Did Ya’ll Watch GUHH Season 2?



If you wanna peep the episode header to WETv.com for free….

Look all this random tension between Romeo and Angela is crazy!! Like she can be mad about Romeo but move on cause this was like 9+ months and an engagement ago!! Any how this episode was lit!! I can’t wait for this season to get going… I’m almost certain we gone find out why we haven’t seen any congratulation post or any mentions from Rev Run!! This is sad!!

One other question.. Why we ain’t get to see who was chasing Angela last season?

Angela Simmons- Pregnant and engaged to a ex-con

Boogie Dash- Alcohol and drugs are TRYING to take over his life… We over here at shadylipz hope you are doing well

Romeo Miller- Say’s Angela Simmons was the one. And she was the one that got away.. The only reason they didn’t last is because the timing wasn’t right!!

TJ Mizell- He just chilling in the cut this first episode!!

Vanessa Simmons- Angela Sister!!

Andre King- Swizz Beats little brother

Master P- The Don.. He owns a Empire…Ummm and he still rapping and trying to lead young people in the right way!!

Egypt Criss- Pepa daughter.. Just trying to make adult decisions

Kristina- Dealing with all the drama surrounding her friends and now about to expose her daddy and let the world know if there really is a baby between him and Janet Jackson.. Which I highly doubt…

Yo Master P just said all these Hollywood broads just want a street dude!! Aye man I believe that and when they get em they flip out cause you can’t take the street out nobody man!!!


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