Brad Pitt Follow Up

Brad Pitt admits he screamed at his kids — but never raised a hand to them, a source close to the actor told The Post.
The “World War Z” hunk is said to be stinging from allegations that he yelled at — and physically struck — his kids during a drunken flight on Sept. 14, the reason Angelina Jolie filed divorced papers Monday, seeking custody.
“He was never physically abusive to her or the kids. He did yell at one of their children on the plane during an argument, but he didn’t hit the child. Brad is denying claims of inappropriate behavior.”

The LAPD confirmed they are not investigating the actor for any type of child abuse — which backs up the actor’s claim he is being unfairly besmirched by his estranged wife, who is using Hollywood divorce strategist Laura Wasser.
“Angelina is putting out [the abuse] story to take the kids away from him,” explained the source.
“Angelina’s team’s campaign to smear him is so aggressive, they called all the major networks, People and TMZ last night with claims he is beating her and the kids.”
Pitt’s team believes her reason is that she wants to take a job with the United Nations, but needs full custody of the children before she leaves Los Angeles.
Pitt’s name was dragged through the mud Thursday after TMZ reported that both the LAPD and LA County Department of Child and Family Services are investigating an incident in which Pitt became “verbally abusive and physical with his children” on a private jet Sept. 14 — which directly led to Jolie filing for divorce.

The report said Pitt was “wasted” and went ballistic on the couple’s six children, shouting and hitting them — and that the behavior was documented in reports to authorities.
LAPD Sgt. Barry Montgomery told The Post the story didn’t hold water.
“It’s not true. There is no criminal investigation or any investigation of any kind against Brad Pitt,” said Montgomery, adding the celebrity website “made it up.”
The source said Pitt, however, was interviewed by child services about the matter.
“He is taking this seriously and fully cooperating. He admits he is not perfect, but he insists he’s not physically abusive. He loves his kids and is very sad about this situation.
“He knows he made mistakes and he knows he has to be better. He and Angelina fought a lot recently, and she knows how to push his buttons. But he is adamant that he did not hit these kids like she’s trying to say.”
Pitt, who has several lawyers on call for various matters, including Bert Fields, is expected to appoint a divorce attorney today.

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