Stop Killing Our Black Men And Kids

Over this pass week we yet again have lost a child and a black man to what I wanna call pigs with guns!! Tyree King !!! 

A 13 year old baby who should be getting ready for school today was killed by the police. Apparently this baby fit the description of a robber and was running away from the cops. They shot him 3 times!!! At least that’s the story they are portraying!! The autopsy results say otherwise. He was not running! In fact he was probably standing still and if he did run it’s cause those cops where doing something that scared the hell out of him!! I pray for this family!! Now Terence Crutcher the unarmed black man who was fixing his car who got shot and killed by a female officer because the above chopper who also happened to be her husband said he looks like “a dangerous black guy” and she proceeded to let multiple rounds off in an unarmed hands up BLACK MAN!! And they wonder why we mad and we protest.. Listen if we go to war against these white people this is not the slavery years this is a time where we are fed up. Not only black but all the other ethnicities… I pray that god gives these families the strength and understanding they need!! 

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