Dad Kills 4 Year Old Daughter For Revenge On Mom

Thursday night, Shonique Johnson got the call no mother should ever receive. Her four-year-old daughter Amyira Mi’Heaven Felder was dead, and the killer is the little girl’s own father.

“He pointed a gun at my baby because she was trying to run, and he shot her,” Johnson told us through her tears.

Investigators say Tarel Felder was upset that Johnson was living in Louisiana and had a new boyfriend. The couple had been together for four years, and Amari was born in 2012. A few days ago, Felder drove to Louisiana to pick up his daughter. She was supposed to spend a few days with her dad and grandmother Dorian Johnson in her Katy area home.
“She wanted to go,” said Johnson. “She said she wanted to be with her nana and her daddy because she was missing him, and I allowed her to go.”
Johnson says up until that point, Felder was agreeable. She did not feel her daughter was in any danger with her own father. However, on Thursday morning, Felder told her over the phone he wanted to get back together. Johnson said she was firm, and told him she had moved on — and that’s when he became angry.
“I told him I didn’t want to be with him no more, and he knew this, I didn’t want to be with him no more. My baby was supposed to come home on Sunday,” she explains.
Investigators say Felder killed his daughter in an upstairs bedroom, then shot and killed himself. His own mother, Dorian Felder, came home to find the tragic scene. Now, Johnson is on her way to Houston to take her princess back home.
“She is everything. She is very smart. My baby knows where she’s going, and where she’s at. She can look at something and know where she is and where she’s going. She’d tell you anything you need to know….she’s with God now.”

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