Chris Brown Say’s “I’m Checking Who Come In My Crib”


Chris is no longer here for the bull… I mean I wouldn’t be either.. I mean especially since he’s been doing right… This is no longer a party crib but a place where I rest my head and a home for my daughter.. I am so proud of the man Chris has become… Becoming a father has helped him in ways we can publicly see and some way’s we can’t…

According to TMZ

Our Chris sources tell us he’s now enforcing a strict guest policy at his Calabasas mansion — and letting everyone in his crew know he’s as serious as death … no more randoms allowed.

We told he’s pulling back on parties for starters, but there’s this problem with his 2 roommates/best friends. They now have to submit a guest list to Chris IN WRITING, and they must describe who they are with sufficient details so he can decide whether he wants them in his home.

We’re told he also is imposing another strict policy … guests are prohibited from bringing drugs or alcohol. The only booze and drugs allowed are his.

We support Chris in his efforts to control his environment and in making whatever changes he needs to in order to better his lifestyle.

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