Did Willie Taylor And His Wife Shanda Seperate?

Now after all these seasons of LHH you can never believe ones storyline is the whole truth!! But is real life it looks like there was some truth to Willie Taylor’s infidelities!! You never wanna see a marriage suffer especially when it’s a real family! Kids and all!! Apparently Willie was messing around with some chick who’s name will not be mentioned cause she needs zero fame and attention… Specially when you know you sleeping around with a MARRIED man!! Anyway he got caught up in her lies and ended up cheating multiple times!! She got pregnant lost this “baby” and never got over him!! Well Willie wanted his family and left her in the wind but he never told Shanda about his infidelities. So as the show goes on we will see what happened. But peep this even before the season had started these where some messages on IG from Willie and Shanda (some where during the season as well).

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