My Son Is Black


It is very hard for me to explain to a 5 year old kid that the cop’s he love to see are out here killing black boy’s and men for carrying soda, tea, skittles, selling cd’s etc… He looks at me as if I am crazy!! He replies with “mommy that’s not true the cops and firefighters are here to keep us safe.” Yes son you are right but not all cops view us as equal humans. “What do you mean mom?” For some reason our skin color that I teach you and your sisters to love and embrace scare some cops so they shoot us and some of them do it because they want to control us and they can’t”… Listen all my son knows is cops and firefighters are the coolest people in the world and when he see’s their cars or trucks his face lights up. I make it a point to point them out when we pass by them.. But now when I see them I fall silent because I don’t know if they are the good guys or the bad guys… The new lesson I have to teach my son and mention to my brother and cousins and all males present in my life is keep your registration and license on your dashboard or around your neck! Never put your hands were the cops can’t see them and never say anything if they didn’t ask you a question. YOU have no freedom when approached by a on or off duty officer.. They are your boss at that moment… If you do anything outside of those things I fear that you will be shot multiple times!! This is what I am telling males in my life to do and what I will have to teach my son as he grows up. I used to teach him if mommy is ever hurt or something bad happens call the men with the lights on their car they are always going to protect us no matter what!!! Now I’m teaching him that they aren’t for us at all and those that are, are being overshadowed by those who HATE us soooo much. Even though we did nothing to deserve this. All I can say and pray for is that my children bury me and I never have to bury my children…. Cover your kids in Lord God.. “If God got us we gone be aight!!”


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