Max Lomas Finally Breaks His Silence On What Happened To Bobbi Kristina


After Max and Danyela went into hiding he is finally voicing his side of the story!! Look him long enough but to be honest I believe him more than I do anyone else!! His story seems solid and to know the most famous woman in the world was out here accepting stray’s in her home hurts my heart cause they all took her kindness for weakness and that got her and her daughter murdered!! Apparently they all made a deal to get clean and they had start working out together and just being healthy… But in the midst of being healthy they started using again and cheating and Bobbi feared for her life….


Max Lomas, the friend who found Bobbi Kristina Brown unresponsive in a bathtub in January 2015, reveals to People magazine that Brown and her boyfriend Nick Gordon had been fighting that night, with Brown accusing Gordon of cheating on her.

Brown never regained consciousness and was eventually moved to hospice care, where she died in July at the age of 22. An autopsy revealed she died from immersion in water and a mixture of drugs, including marijuana, a medication used as a sedative or to treat anxiety, morphine and a cocaine-related substance. Brown’s mother Whitney Houston died in 2012 under similar circumstances.

In Lomas’ first interview (outside of law enforcement, that is), he tells People that he and Gordon were in a club when Gordon received an hysterical phone call from Brown, who accused Gordon of cheating on her with strippers. The fight escalated when they returned to Brown’s Alpharetta, Ga., townhouse and found cigarette butts from a brand Brown didn’t smoke and two empty bottles of wine.

But Lomas says Brown and Gordon appeared to make up, and he says he doesn’t know what happened between then and when he later Lomas found Brown facedown in a tub of cold water.

Gordon, who is accused by Brown’s estate of injecting her with a toxic mixture and placing her the bathtub, dismisses Lomas as “a drug addict.” (Lomas admitted to using drugs that night.) A $40 million wrongful death lawsuit filed against Gordon by Brown’s estate is pending. Gordon has not been charged in Brown’s death.



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