What It’s Like To Meet Beyoncé

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Ever wondered what it’s like to meet Queen Bey? According to one lucky fan who recently attended Beyoncé’s pre-concert meet-and-greet in New York City, it’s a “surreal experience.”

“The meet-and-greet happens about an hour before the show,” the attendee tells Us, adding that space is beautifully decorated in all white. “There were white curtains covering the walls and white fur on the floor, with a few flower arrangements around the room. When you walked in, it honestly felt like you were going into a heavenly massage parlor.”

As Beyoncé awaits her grateful fans, there are some rules to be followed.

“Women have to take their purses off before meeting her, and if you don’t, the bodyguard at the door will remind you to take it off and put it on the sofa,” the source tells Us, adding that, of course, no cellphones are allowed.

“After you put your purse on the sofa you can walk up to her. She was so sweet and said, ‘Nice to meet y’all.’ Her voice was very soothing and calming and she seemed very Zen,” the fan adds. “Her energy was quite tranquil, notable especially because it was right before the show.”

Here’s where it gets extra good.

“She makes eye contact, and you can say whatever you want with her,” the chosen one tells Us. “Then you pose for two pictures taken by the professional photographer, and you can touch her, so I put an arm around her waist. Then you can say something else to her, and then you leave. It’s a surreal experience.”

No word on how long it takes to receive your photos from the photographer, but !!! And can we talk about the white fur on the floor?

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